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EFHSS Board Meeting
Winterthur 04-07-2003

EFHSS - European Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply

Present Agenda


Walter Accoe, EFHSS; Guven Erbil, MSÜD; Hulya Erbil, MSÜD; Toni Zanette, EFHSS; Viola Buchrieser, ÖGSV; Teresa Salinska, PSSSM; Peter Weber, SGSV; Anke Carter, DGSV; Josy Holdener, EFHSS; Andreja Zagar, ZZNS; René Vis, CSC; Christine Denis, CSC; Anette Beaugas, AFS; Paul Holland, ISSM; Oonagh Ryan, IASSM; Fredy Cavin, SGSV; Dominique Goullet, AFS; Tillo Miorini, ÖGSV; Karin Saether, NfSSL; Linda Ashurst, NfSSL; Wim Renders, VSZ/EFHSS; Cornelia Hugo, SGSV.

Present Agenda


  1. Welcoming of our new members
    After the introduction of all the participants, Wim Renders welcomes the new member countries which joined during the past year, namely Slovenia, Turkey, Macedonia and Portugal.
  2. Expansion of the EFHSS
    Wim Renders put it as follows:
    "More and more non European associations show an interest in the activities of the EFHSS. But these are, in principle, limited to the European zone. However, since our core business is to provide information about sterilization of instruments, national and continental boundaries are not important. Also outside Europe good sterilization practice is necessary. If the EFHSS can contribute to this on the basis of the European norms and guidelines, we should obviously be willing to collaborate. Therefore, we should invite non European associations who endorse and support our activities and want to collaborate in realizing these objectives, to join EFHSS as affiliated associations."

    After clearly stating that we are and want to remain a European organization, the Board declares its willingness to collaborate more closely with non-European societies.
  3. Website
    • Education Programme
      Is it a good idea once again to investigate whether a European basic programme at different training levels in the CSSD is attainable? Ultimately the different training programmes which are available in different countries only differ marginally with the result that the drawing up of a common basic programme should not be too difficult. Toni Zanette says he is prepared to coordinate this effort. He will compare the different training programmes in the different countries, work out a proposal which will be submitted to the board. His proposal will also include a description of the functions as they differ from country to country.
      Paul Holland remarks that currently in the United Kingdom an e-learning programme for sterilization is being worked out. This looks very promising and has to be followed up.
    • Standard Operating Procedures
      Wim Renders would like to put even more practical information on the web. He asks whether someone is prepared to make Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - available in English. The meeting is of the opinion that SOPs are too individualized and would rather like to see the publication of more general documents which can be adapted by the different departments. Wim Renders will look into this matter.
    • Report on the MSÜD Conference
      Together with a number of other forum members Toni Zanette was invited to attend the Turkish Sterilization Congress. To put it briefly: it was an excellent congress.
    • Cooperation
      Wim Renders once again insists that the members should provide more assistance, amongst others in the replying to questions. In all probability there are a number of other experts active in our member societies. Also the passing on of information on the dates of the different congresses and on reports can be improved.
  4. EFHSS Congress 2004
    Only one candidate has submitted its candidature, namely Turkey. Hulya Erbil introduces the organization and the location. The Board decides to accept the candidature of Turkey for the organization of the 2004 congress.
    The congress venues for the years after 2004 are also definitely decided after proposals from the representatives from the different countries.
    Paul Holland (ISSM) proposes to organize the 2005 congress in London.
    Linda Ashurst (NfSSL) would like to organize the 2006 congress in Norway.
    Tillo Miorini (ÖGSV) proposes Austria as the venue for 2007.
  5. The membership fee 2004 remains at 250 Euro.
  6. The financial balance sheet is handed out by the treasurer Walter Accoe.
  7. There are no further points.

The following board meeting: 05 May 2004 in the course of the afternoon in Cesme. The precise time will be announced later.


  • Mind: The congress in Turkey takes place from 05 May 2004 (reception in the evening) to and including 07 May 2004. This is a change from the dates which were originally proposed.
  • The EFHSS asks its member societies to promote the congress in Turkey amongst its members e.g. by putting an announcement on the different websites.
  • We would like to express our thanks to the Swiss society for the perfect organization of the congress in Winterthur.
  • The EFHSS wants to set up a databank with speakers and topics. Societies, companies etc. looking for a speaker could then consult this databank.
    Could you provide your cooperation by passing on the information about speakers and topics, recommended by you, to Toni Zanette. He will coordinate this project.
    Is it also possible to communicate the name and coordinates (e-mail adress) of your national Infection Control Nurses association to Wim Renders, e-mail: ?
  • Have a relaxing holiday!!!
Wim Renders
Brugge, 09/07/2003