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DSc 2005 Congress: Free Poster Award

This award was sponsored by 3M Health Care Limited, Europe and presented at the DSc 2005 - Decontamination Sciences Congress 2005.

The ajudicating committee comprised of Paul Holland (Chairman IDSc), Anke Carter (Chairman DGSV) and Gillian Sills (Chairman IFSS), spent time considering each of the entries for this award sponsored by 3M Europe. Six entries were reviewed:

  • The French Approach to low temperature sterilization - France
  • Loading device for lumened and endoscopic devices for washer disinfectors - Belgium
  • Efficacy of cleaning endoscopes - Spain
  • Study of the use of cotton as barrier wrapper - Brasil
  • Efficiency study of use of TSE device - The Netherlands
  • Validation protocol for gas plasma processors - The Netherlands

Although all submissions were of excellent quality and represented considerable work, a decision had to be reached.

After much discussion and independent review, the jury were unanimous in making the award to Prof. Dr. Kazuko Uchikawa Graziano and her team from Brasil. The decision was reached in consideration of the poster's direct, practical application to the developing scenario in South American sterile service departments. The price of 1000 Euros was presented to the winner by Dr. Vinny Dhir, Regional Sales Mananger, 3M Health Care Limited.

Gillian Sills
IFSS Chairman

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