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The EFHSS "Sparkling Egg" Award 2006

Wim Renders, president of the EFHSS, presented on the EFHSS Congress 2006 in Lillehammer the second "Sparkling Egg" Award to Toni Zanette.

He said the following:

"As we have been able to experience ourselves last couples of days, Norway is a country with fantastic legends and strong old traditions. And it's good to keep them alive because they create coherence in the society. That is why you will fully understand that we also cherish our own traditions, even if they are only 1 year old. The "Sparkling Egg" Award is one of them. Because of its exclusivity the pin has already become a prized possession. The only owner up till now will certainly confirm that. This year too the "Sparkling Egg" prize will be awarded to a very deserving person. The award is given to a man or woman with exceptional merit regarding sterilization in general and the forum in particular. The main aim of the forum is to disseminate information and thus to improve daily practice and this in an open, transparent is the fashionable term, manner without restrictions. This must find expression in the winner.

The jury had a fiendishly difficult choice to make. All the nominees were very deserving. Nevertheless its decision was unanimous. The winner of the "Sparkling Egg" Award 2006 is somebody who:

  • Supports the EFHSS and who supported the previous organisation: the ESH too.
  • Has demonstrated a lasting commitment to the CSSD in his own country.
  • Is committed to sharing knowledge personally as an international speaker and professionally by providing training courses.
  • Is certainly always happy to debate with his colleagues all aspects of our work.
  • Is totally passionate about all aspects of decontamination.
  • Is in charge of the EFHSS Education group.

The winner this year is: Toni Zanette. Toni you have fully deserved this award, continue in the same way as before because we need your support in the years to come. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. Congratulations!!"

Wim Renders
19 May 2006