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The WFHSS "Sparkling Egg" Award 2007

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WFHSS Sparkling Egg Award 2007 - Award Presentation & Speech by Wim Renders

Each year the whole sterilization World is eagerly anticipating the prize giving ceremony of the Sparkling Egg Award, or at least we hope it does.

This award has become a fixture and a tradition and the winner of the award can boastfully display it in his or her trophy cabinet.

Every year the jury is faced with the fiendishly difficult decision of having to select a laureate. After lengthy deliberation and a lot of soul searching unanimity was finally reached.

This year's laureate is Josy Holdener.

Josy was the midwife who helped to deliver the Swiss sterilization society; moreover she helped to ease the birth pangs of the periodical FORUM. She has devoted her whole life to the training of the members of staff in sterilization departments, both nationally and internationally and she has been an ardent advocate of the unique identity of the sterilization department. No wonder the Swiss refer to her as "La grande dame de la sterilisation".

From the very start she has made a substantial contribution to the success of our website by answering an avalanche of questions.

But these are not the reasons why she is given the Sparkling Egg award. Hard work is simply not enough. The demanding jury is looking for an extra dimension, something of inspiring originality. Who can beat Josy Holdener's original contribution to the WFHSS's webpages: her cartoons?

I must admit in all sincerity that when Josy approached me some years ago with the idea of infusing some humour into the webpages of the WFHSS, I was somewhat sceptical to put it mildly. But then I had second thoughts as I came to the conclusion that humour has never done anybody any harm. So I decided to give it a try. And what a success it turned out to be.
The cartoons are the most visited pages on our website - what does this reveal about our visitors? - and have undoubtedly made a substantial contribution to the huge popularity of our website.
But make no mistake Josy's cartoons are not purely a laughing matter: they are critical, informative without being overbearing, full of self-mockery and deflating.

It is remarkable that Josy has kept on doing all these things after her retirement. Her continued commitment to sterilization is a shining example to us all.

The following extract from a speech she gave on the occasion of the 2Oth anniversary of the Swiss society is undiluted Josy:

... Ich wiederhole an dieser Stelle meinen Schlussappell, den ich an der Gründungsversammlung 1983 an die Versammlung gerichtet have: "Und nun, Kolleginnen und Kollegen, gehen wir an die Arbeit! Damals wie heute gilt die gleiche Devise und Aufforderung. Die Aufgaben der SGSV und die Entwicklung in der Medizintechnik, im Gesundhetswesen insgesamt, aber auch in der Gesellschaft lassen keine andere Wahl, damit den berechtigten Erwartungen der Mitglieder und dem Vertrauen der Patienten entsprochen werden kann."

Josy, thank you for everything and we hope to be able to count on you for a very long time.

In the absence of Josy, who prefers to remain in the background, we hand over the award to a representative of the Swiss society who will the pass it on to Josy.

Congratulations, Josy.

Wim Renders
Baden, 05 May 2007

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WFHSS Sparkling Egg Award 2007 - Acceptance Message by Josy Holdener

Dear Wim,

I am enormously moved by the honouring, kind words you found for me. Thank you.

I do not need to tell you and to the board members that I am extremely happy to have received the WFHSS Award. It is a privilege to join the previous two recipients, with whom I have had varying interaction in the education field of CSSD.

CSSD was my life for almost 30 years, and after all it still is.

With my cartoons I hope to bring some lightness and humour in a normally very busy CSSD work. I know some cartoons are not great. Some I saw hang on CSSD- and even on sterilizer production walls and that is a good sign. There are some more cartoons in my head. Nevertheless I hope somebody else will take up cartooning for our Website in the future.

Now let me conclude by saying that I am truly touched to have received this award, which will remind my that our professional rewards in life will always be in direct proportion to our service rendered.

I feel proud and even cautiously, joyful. Thank you!

Josy Holdener
13 May 2007

Award Presentation Acceptance Message Photos

WFHSS Sparkling Egg Award 2007 - Photos

The WFHSS "Sparkling Egg Award 2007"

Josy Holdener - Winner of the WFHSS Sparkling Egg Award 2007
Josy Holdener - Winner of the WFHSS Sparkling Egg Award 2007