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Jean-Marc Legentil:
The Toyota/Lean Approach Applied to Health Care
[PDF File; 24.8 MB]

Several hospitals around the world have been taking methods originally developed by Toyota and using them to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Under the "Lean" approach and techniques, non-value-added activities are reduced or eliminated and employees have more time to spend on activities that generate value for the patient and the organization.
This seminar explores the various tools like Five-S, Process Mapping, SMED, Poke-Yoke required to put it into practice with examples and pictures taken from different hospital units including sterilization.
Jean-Marc Legentil:
How to do visual management in the sterilization: practical Five-S for CSSD
[PDF File; 64.0 MB]

Productivity is key to success and good service; being organised is a great contributor for a safe, pleasant and efficient work place. For the Lean philosophy, waste reduction is the main driver of improvement and confusion is the sign of its presence. For CSSD Five-S is certainly a methodology to promote. The five S's are: Sort, Situate, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. Implementing Five-S always lead to error reduction, work accident reduction and efficiency improvement. More over, employees always experienced it as a team building exercise!
This seminar presents the Five-S in a CSSD environment with pictures and suggestions "How to" implement it.

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